Both of the Directors of Preferred Results Ltd. are qualified trainers and construct and deliver tailor-made training courses in the area of Lean Six Sigma, Strategy and Management development. These courses are delivered both by themselves as well as by third parties.

The focus of our training is the application of theory within the context of the Client’s business, so that participants learn by applying newly acquired knowledge to live situations where opportunities exist to improve performance.

The first step in determining training needs and priorities is getting to know the organisation and depending on its size and the brief, the level of understanding required typically takes between 2 and 5 days to accomplish the task.

While all of our training programmes have a solid theoretical basis, in their delivery, they are very much hands-on and draw on live information and situations from the client organisation. When covering topics such as ‘Waste’, ‘Standards Development’, ‘Flow’, ‘Systems Design’ among others, much of the training is conducted on the shop floor.



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