Bespoke Consultancy Service

Our Bespoke Consultancy Services are designed with our Clients to meet their specific needs, which vary from World Class Multinationals seeking to improve specific processes such as Product Changeovers, to medium-sized Family Businesses seeking a comprehensive overhaul of their enterprise.

The typical stages and durations involved in the process are as follows:

a. Diagnostics

  • Free Consultation (1 – 4 hours)
  • Rapid Review (1-2 Days)
  • Preliminary Survey (1 -3 Weeks)

b. Implementation Projects (3 to 6 months)

We take a phased approach so as to allow our Clients to become comfortable with the approach and results obtained before committing to a full-scale implementation project.


Greencore Malting Group

“Given the magnitude of the potential for improvement identified during a Preliminary Survey at two plants, it was decided to proceed to the full-scale project phase ... at all of our plants in Ireland, England, Scotland and Belgium.

On the basis of first-hand experience, the Performance Improvement Project has been very beneficial for our business ... From my perspective, what sets Raymond O’Hanlon apart from other Consultancy Companies is the focus on delivering measurable and sustainable results”.

Mr. John McNamara, former CEO of Greencore Malting Group

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