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Having undertaken projects internationally for both International Clients and Irish Subsidiaries, and having worked extensively with a range of companies exporting out of Ireland, we are keenly aware of the additional layers of risk and requirements which need to be carefully managed by companies operating in the exporting sector. 

In providing services to the sector, we work closely with Enterprise Ireland, the state agency responsible for supporting the development of manufacturing and internationally traded services companies. A manifestation of this relationship is the inclusion of Preferred Results Ltd. on the Enterprise Ireland Directory of Service Providers which means that it can be used by Enterprise Ireland Clients to deliver a range of grant-aided programmes, including its Lean Business Offer which is made up of three levels of support: 

  • Lean Start
  • Lean Improve
  • Lean Transform



Empresas Melon Chile

(Blue Circle/Lafarge Group)

“... I was very happy with the process followed and with the results obtained.....Raymond ticked all the boxes which I feel are important in a Consultant: Professionalism, Out-of-the-Box Thinking, Technical Ability, Practical Solutions, and above all an ability to bring people along with him”.

Shatish Dasani, Chief Financial Officer

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