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Business PlansPreferred Results Ltd. prepares Business Plans for existing medium-sized businesses, for Clients with a transformational change agenda. The need for such plans typically arises where:

  • A company is facing into or is in the midst of a financial crisis
  • Due diligence is being undertaken by a potential investor
  • A detailed roadmap for change is required in the aftermath of an acquisition

In preparing the Business Plan we work with the Client, and as far as it is possible, with key Management and Staff from the business, in reviewing all aspects of the Business Model, Organisation Structure and Value Chain and establish the nature and extent of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats facing the business.

This allows us to vary the Business Model, Organisation Structure and Value Chain and to compare and contrast the current level of profitability with that which could be expected under a revised strategy.

Our Business Plans stand out for their detailed hands-on common sense approach, which derives from a combination of expertise and experience and the fact that we are frequently called upon to participate in their implementation.

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