Stepped Change Strategy

Faced with unsustainable or unacceptable performance levels a point is often reached where it falls to the CEO and some or all of the Top Team to bring about major change within a short space of time. Stepped Change requires that existing theories about how things are done and how the organisation works are challenged and replaced by new ones. In this context the Preferred Results Consultants’ role is to work closely with Management at all levels to bring forward change options and to manage the process of unseating entrenched theories and established work practices.

Out of necessity, it is likely that the proposed changes will be quite radical, as significant performance improvements do not normally come from minor adjustments. While every effort is made to smooth the path of change, through workshops, training and other avenues, it is almost inevitable that at least a certain level of resistance to change will manifest itself during the course of a Project and that at least certain changes will have to be imposed.

Companies which are being squeezed by the process of globalisation, hikes in energy and/or raw material prices and other major cost areas are likely to occupy this quadrant.

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"We believe that it is important for Clients to understand these ‘Universal Change Management Strategies’ and their consequences so that the organisation can be prepared for whatever changes are to come. While the choice of the most appropriate strategy will not guarantee success, the choice of an inappropriate strategy will almost certainly guarantee failure".

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