Restructuring Strategy

This strategy involves the engagement of Preferred Results as an advisor to Senior Management on specific issues where wider involvement of company personnel is not an option. Such issues might involve:

  • Off-loading of certain parts of a business
  • Closure of Plants or offices
  • Relocation of the business to a new Jurisdiction
  • Redesign of the Organisation Structure
  • Similarly invasive interventions

Changes of this nature do not lend themselves to an inclusive approach to deliberations which means that when changes are announced they almost inevitably come as a shock to stakeholders.

‘Lo Internal’ should not be interpreted as Senior Management abdicating their responsibilities with respect to the changes to be implemented, but rather it should be interpreted as a limited number of internal personnel being involved in the decision-making process. In fact, due to the seriousness of the issues on the table, the involvement of Senior Management is likely to be intense.

A restructuring strategy is the least desirable form of change due to its negative impact on organisations and would be restricted to situations involving a Merger/Acquisition or in ‘do- or-die’ situations where the clock is ticking of the future of a company. It’s a strategy adopted by circumstances as opposed to by choice.

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"We believe that it is important for Clients to understand these ‘Universal Change Management Strategies’ and their consequences so that the organisation can be prepared for whatever changes are to come. While the choice of the most appropriate strategy will not guarantee success, the choice of an inappropriate strategy will almost certainly guarantee failure".

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