Continuous Improvement

Largely organic change with participation being encouraged at all levels. Typically organisations operating in this quadrant would have their own continuous improvement programmes, suggestion boxes, periodic performance reviews and other internal vehicles for change. The establishment of cross functional teams, self-directed units, changes to processes and to work practices, improved equipment, tools and I.T. Systems and other such change initiatives are not likely to be seen as threats, but rather as providing opportunities for the organisation and the people comprising it to grow and develop.  

Where Preferred Results Ltd. is used to support and invigorate a continuous improvement programme it typically takes a hands on approach involving workshops and shop-floor exercises, with a limited amount of formal training. The engagement style is aimed at stimulating ideas and facilitating change, as opposed to driving it. People are provided with the tools they require within a stimulating environment and are given the training and space required to take projects forward.

Companies operating in sectors which are growing rapidly and where innovation is the key to success, can be expected to be found in this particular quadrant. Given the choice, it is likely that just about all companies would elect to operate in this quadrant. In practice, however, the nature and magnitude of changes required at given points in time, means that the freedom to choose this quadrant is not always available.

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Engagement Strategies

"We believe that it is important for Clients to understand these ‘Universal Change Management Strategies’ and their consequences so that the organisation can be prepared for whatever changes are to come. While the choice of the most appropriate strategy will not guarantee success, the choice of an inappropriate strategy will almost certainly guarantee failure".

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