Consolidation & Control

Change which takes place in this quadrant is driven by Senior Management. Outside interventions are used to strengthen Management Systems and Structures with the view to empowering the Management of the business.

Companies which have been through restructuring and/or stepped change programmes can be expected to be found in this quadrant while they bed-in and maximise the benefits from the changes which have been implemented. Family run businesses, small Partnerships and mature industries where compliance rather than out-of-the-box thinking is deemed to best meet the requirements of the business, are also likely candidates for this quadrant.

It should be noted that ‘Lo Internal’ involvement does not mean that Senior Management is not involved with change, but rather that most of the organisation is largely excluded from participating in the decision-making process with respect to change. Indeed, Senior Managers would of necessity be highly involved with Change Management.

This strategy can serve as a springboard for the adoption of a Continuous Improvement strategy as it can provide Management with the systems, structures and security it needs to pursue a more inclusive approach to change management.

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Engagement Strategies

"We believe that it is important for Clients to understand these ‘Universal Change Management Strategies’ and their consequences so that the organisation can be prepared for whatever changes are to come. While the choice of the most appropriate strategy will not guarantee success, the choice of an inappropriate strategy will almost certainly guarantee failure".

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